Kobelco SK55SRX Excavator Basic Controls

Built for simplicity and operator comfort.

There are so many amazing features to this sleek and comfortable 5T Excavator. Check out our Youtube channel for some handy ‘how to’s’ for this legendary piece of earthmoving equipment.

Check out some of the features;

•    SUSPENSION SEAT A proven grammer suspension seat is fitted as standard, offering a reclining mechanism, shock absorber, and excellent seating comfort.

•    WRIST REST The enlarged wrist rests keep the operator’s forearms in a stable position, reducing fatigue and allowing for stable operation.

•    AIR-CONDITIONING Additional air vents provide a uniform air flow in front of and behind the operator and direct the airflow onto the window, improving the defroster’s dehumidification function.

•    SWITCHES WITH LED BACKLIGHTS LED backlighting on switches and dials provides a bright, clear view of controls, even in the dark, while delivering a premium look and feel.

Potential Hazards & Safety Measures

When operating any kind of heavy machinery there’s always potential risk involved. It is important to always be careful, and if in doubt, hire an operator.

Like any sized excavator, the safety protocols are similar. They include;

Wearing a seatbelt

Cleaning & adjusting mirrors prior to use

Survey the job site before you dig

Wear the proper PPE - see our blog post about what we recommend when operating any plant hire.

Avoid sudden movements

Drive on flat surfaces where possible

Avoid rough and uneven terrain

Familiarising yourself with the specifications of the mini digger will assist with avoiding any potential hazards. Our website provides all the information on max weight and lifting restrictions. If at any point during your project it doesn’t feel safe to operate, stop and give us a call.


Can I operate a 5T digger myself?

Absolutely. They’re simple to get to grips with, and they don’t require any sort of license to operate.

That’s not to say we don’t advise in depth training before using one - it’s still heavy machinery and as a result, can cause serious damage or injury if not used properly. If you’re ever in doubt, you can always hire an experienced operator to assist you with your project. Ask us about our wet options.

We also have short instructional video’s on our Youtube channel that you may find useful.

How can I hire a 5T ex?

Simply book online or give us a call - our booking process is easy!

How long can I hire a 5T ex for?

All of our machines can be can be hired daily, just for the weekend, weekly or monthly. There’s no limit.

How much does it cost to rent one?

Our pricing varies depending on how long you want it for, and what attachments you need. We also offer discounted rates when hired for 5 days or more, as well as special weekend rates.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver straight to you if you are unable to collect. Our delivery charges are based on your location, and are charged as a ‘one-way’ fee.

I want to collect, what do I need?

If you would like to collect, just make sure your vehicle meets the towing capacity required. To transport our 5 tonne, the minimum towing capability required is a 5.5 tonne plant trailer.

22nd August 2022

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