Sweeney Hire’s Top Safety Tips

3 Feb 2022

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Keeping our equipment safe and well maintained is just as important to us as keeping you safe when hiring any of our equipment.


 This has to be the most important tip, so we repeated it 3 times. Stop, take a minute, and visualise how your project will progress. Make sure there’s no power, gas or water lines - a quick call to each provider should answer this question for you if you don’t have your house plans to hand.


Dressing for the occasion should be a priority. Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is imperative and is vital to protecting yourself on any worksite, so if you don’t already have these, add them to your shopping list, and grab them before starting your next project.

First things first - safety boots. This is a no brainer. We do not recommend using any of our equipment without wearing safety boots. They’re not just there to stop you from stubbing your toe, you could step on something unsafe, like a rusted nail or have something heavy come down on your foot.

Next, we recommend ear protection. It can take years for you to notice your hearing is deteriorating. Working around machinery regularly can put a strain on your ears without you even knowing, so we suggest investing in some industrial strength hearing protection.

That brings us to safety glasses. You might not think they’re an integral part of PPE when you’re only operating a machine, but if your site is sandy, small fragments will kick up, so slip on your glasses just to be safe! This also applies to face masks, who wants to eat sand?

Gloves. Hands get injured frequently, so it is necessary to ensure they’re protected. Gloves that are fit snugly and comfortably are the right PPE for hands. You must also ensure the gloves fit in such a way that it allows for ease of movement. You can also get insulated gloves to prevent electric shock, moreover, gloves can help prevent lacerations, cuts, burns, and more. They can protect hands from chemical damage too.

And last but not least, always have a first aid kit close by. A well-stocked kit will be the first place you run to after an accident. Make sure your kit is well equipped and includes everything from antiseptic to bandages. And don’t forget to restock it regularly.

DON’T FORGET to regularly check your PPE for cracks, holes and dents.

Looking for attachments or plant hire? Sweeney Hire have you covered!

At Sweeney Hire, we supply a range of plant hire, excavation services and attachment hire to help assist your next tight access excavation or hardscaping project across South Perth. We never waiver from providing quality equipment and services that you can rely on, which is why our equipment is serviced every 250 working hours. Get in touch or fill out our online form to discuss your next project. 
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