Kobelco SK17SR Mini Ecavator - Compatible Attachments

Did you know there are so many attachments you can add to our 1.7t mini excavator?

There can be many jobs to be completed on one work site, digging, drilling, moving earth, levelling and so much more! You might think you’ll need a bunch of different machines, but that’s where our various attachments come in handy!

Many of Sweeney’s machines come with attachments that you can add on to your hire. This means that one machine can in fact do a number of things, saving you time, and money.

Let’s take a look at what attachments we have for the 1.7t excavator, how much they cost and what they’re used for.

When you hire the 1.7t kobelco mini excavator, we’ll give you the following, at no extra cost.
300mm gummy, 450mm toothed or digging bucket and the 900mm gummy or batter bucket.

Gummy Bucket - this bucket has a gummy edge ideal for digging in soft ground or around services.
Digging Bucket - this bucket is an all round general purpose bucket and has the most versatility, it is appropriate for most excavating tasks.
Toothed Bucket - this one is ideal for digging and trenching applications, particularly in rocky environments.
Batter Bucket - perfect for ditch clearing, bulk loading top soil and other light materials.

We also have some non standard sized buckets - 200mm gummy, 300mm toothed, 400mm gummy, 450mm gummy & 600mm gummy. These are often used by our concreters, plumbers etc.

Also available for hire with your mini ex is the following attachments;

Sieve Bucket - also known as a skeleton bucket - ideal for seiving through top soil and separating materials such as rubbish and stone.
Ripper - great for getting through tree roots or breaking up hard ground and surfaces, as well as rocks and difficult areas that can’t be initially broken up with a standard excavator bucket.
Hammer/Rockbreaker - perfect for taking up concrete or smashing larger rocks into smaller pieces.
Auger - this is used for a variety of tasks such as fencing, planting, drilling holes, footings for foundations of houses or fence panels. We also have augers in various sizes, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm & 500mm, these all allow you to dig down about a metre. We do also have an extension bar, adding another 1.2m to your digging depth.
Block Grab - as the name suggests, this is used for grabbing blocks such as concrete sleepers and limestone blocks, but don’t be fooled by the name, a block grab is also used for a range of other reasons such as moving rocks, debris, tree logs/stumps to landscaping and demolition work.
5 Finger Grab - great for handling demolition, logs, debris, bulk material and more.

To see our rates click here.

We also have a Youtube Tutorial on all these attachements. 

Need to hire for longer? We offer discounted rates when you hire for 5 days or longer or over the weekend.

9th August 2022

Looking for attachments or plant hire? Sweeney Hire have you covered!

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