Bush Ranger Log Splitter!

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Chop, chop!

Cutting down a tree is a lengthy process, plus disposing of all the wood and debris will take up even more of your time if you don’t have the right tools.

You can use the larger pieces for firewood, but chopping the sections into the right sized pieces will take FOREVER. That's why our Bush Ranger Log Splitter is so handy when disposing of a tree.

View our basic controls video here.

Using a log splitter makes breaking apart thick pieces of wood easy with no real effort required. Simply load the log into the machine, and let it do the hard work for you; just make sure your trunk sections are in manageable pieces before using the splitter.

Check out the splitter’s specs below…

This 30 Ton Bush Ranger Log Splitter has a 12.9 second cycle time providing quality and power.
Horizontal or Vertical Operation
30 Tons of splitting force
Manually activated auto return valve with adjustable detent.

Follow our ‘How To’ Guide below.


Remember to always wear the appropriate PPE gear when handling any type of machinery.
Ensure you have the following before you begin;
Hearing Protection
Eye Protection
Steel Capped Boots
Protective Clothing that isn’t too loose Familiarise with the log splitter, taking note of any pinch points on the splitter as indicated on the safety stickers located on the equipment. Note the location of the safety stop button, which will immediately shut down the machine in case of an emergency.


Move the fuel valve lever to the ON position.
To start a cold engine, move the choke lever to the CLOSE position. To restart a warm engine, leave the choke lever in the OPEN position.

Move the throttle lever away from the SLOW position, about 1/3 of the way toward the FAST position.

Turn the engine switch to the ON position.

Pull the starter grip until you feel resistance, then pull briskly. Return the starter grip gently.

If the choke lever has been moved to the CLOSE position to start the engine, gradually move it to the OPEN position as the engine warms up.

To stop the engine in an emergency, simply turn the engine switch to the OFF position. Under normal conditions, move the throttle lever to the SLOW position and then turn the engine switch to the OFF position. Then turn the fuel valve lever to the OFF position.


Set up the log splitter in a clear, level area and block the wheels. Make sure that the suction port on the tank is always on the lower side of the log splitter.
For horizontal operation place a log on the beam against the foot plate.

Make sure the log is securely on the foot plate and against the beam. To split wood in the vertical position, release the pin on the beam latch located on the front end of the beam.

Carefully tilt the beam up until the foot plate is sitting squarely on the ground and the log splitter is stable. Place the log on the foot plate against the beam. When the beam is returned to the horizontal position make sure the beam latch is securely locked down.
With the engine running, depress the valve handle so that the cylinder will drive the wedge into the log. Extend the cylinder until the log splits or to the end of its stroke. If the log has not completely split after the cylinder has reached the end of its extension, retract the cylinder.

When you have a tree removal project, you’ll need the right tools - Sweeney Hire has you covered.
Need to hire a tipper truck Sweeney Hire have you covered

21st July 2022

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