5 Ways to Prep Your Garden This Spring

Spring into Spring!

Hooray - we made it!  The cold weather is finally leaving us and that all familiar warmth is slowly but surely starting to creep back in.  Time to hang up those rain coats and start enjoying the sunshine!

It feels like forever since we’ve had blue skies and sunshine, so it’s likely our gardens have become a little bit neglected, but with the warmer weather approaching, it’s the perfect time to get back on top of it.  

Here are 5 jobs for you to tackle, and remember - you can get any of the tools mentioned in this blog from the guys at Sweeney Hire.

Time for a general tidy up!

Thanks to Autumn and Winter, leaves have fallen from trees and other debris will have accumulated in your garden beds and across the lawn and paving.  Now is a great time to get everything nice and clear again.  A lawn blower is the best machine to assist you with this task. 

It’s likely your bushes, shrubs and trees have become a little overgrown too, right?  A hedge trimmer or pole pruner is just what you need to get the job done!

Clean out that greenhouse!

We absolutely love our little greenhouse! But…with the rain and wind, we’ve not given it much time.  As we head into Spring and approach Summer, we want to start planting our seeds again!  Our greenhouse is probably the most important feature in our garden during the warmer months.  It makes sense to clean it out before replanting!  Start off by giving it a good sweep out with a decent garden brush, getting rid of any plant debris from the previous year.  

It’s probably also worth disinfecting the interior walls with a good garden solution to eradicate any pests and diseases.   Whilst you’re at it, you should clean out those used plant pots and seedling trays!  Cleaning up your greenhouse can improve your chances of a decent crop!

Repair any broken fences and gates!

Winter can really have an effect on your gates and fences, and quite often your garden furniture! Thanks high winds!

Once the cold weather has gone for good, it’s a good idea to get started on those jobs you’ve been putting off, this includes mending any gates and fences.  A decent nail gun should do the job and get it done quickly. 

Clean your gardening tools!

As an avid gardener, it’s likely you’ve got a pretty decent collection of garden tools - even if you do rent a few specialised ones from Sweeney!  It’s super important to keep them in tip top shape, and this means cleanin them whenever you get a chance.  As winter is generally the longest time that you’ll go without using them, now is a good time to clean them all up before using them again. You’ll have them looking and working their best in no time! 

Feeling seedy?!

Bye bye winter, hello spring!  Let’s sow some seeds.  As soon as the ground starts to warm up, it’s time to get planting!  Remember, even when the ground is still cold, there are some seeds that can be planted NOW, especially if they require a longer growing season.  Geraniums and Begonias are relatively slow growing, so planting early will ensure they bloom by Summer.  Veggies like capsicum and aubergines will also take several months to ripen, so these too can be planted sooner rather than later. 

Whatever, whenever and wherever your gardening needs, contact our friendly team at Sweeney Hire, we’ll be happy to help!

28th October 2022

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